Sudanese protest against normalization of ties with Israel

Sudanese came together in the capital Khartoum to denounce a deal paving the way for normalization of ties between Sudan and Israel.

Sudan’s Justice Minister Nasredeen Abdulbari signed the document with US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in Khartoum earlier this month.

The signing came after the US announced back in October that Sudan and Israel had agreed to normalize relations. Sudan thus became the third Arab country after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain to agree to a normalization deal with Israel since August.

Earlier, Sudan’s Minister of Information Faisal Mohamed Saleh revealed in an exclusive interview with Press TV that US President Donald Trump placed Sudan under “heavy pressure” to normalize relations with the occupying regime of Israel.

Observers here say what the transitional government did is out of its mandate and represents violation of agreement of Israel Boycott in 1967.

People here say they will continue put pressure on the government to cancel the deal because it amounts to betrayal of the Palestinian cause.


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