Global Number of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Reaches Over 1 Million – Johns Hopkins

The Johns Hopkins University dashboard revealed Thursday that the global tally of COVID-19 novel coronavirus cases has exceeded 1 million – with the US accounting for nearly a quarter of those reported.

According to the university’s global COVID-19 map, the US has the most novel coronavirus cases in the world, with at least 236,339 reported infections and 5,647 deaths from the contagious disease.

However, Italy, which has identified a total of 115,242 COVID-19 cases, has had a total of 13,915 individuals die as a result of the virus.

Spain and Germany have also reported more cases of the novel coronavirus than China, which is home to Wuhan – the origin city of COVID-19.

Spain has confirmed at least 110,238 cases of the virus and 10,096 related deaths, while Germany has 84,600 infections of the novel coronavirus and a total of 1,097 deaths from the contagious disease.

Despite the worldwide death toll that is approaching 52,000, it’s worth noting that at least 208,949 cases have been labeled “recovered.”

Earlier this week, the White House projected that the novel coronavirus mortality rate in the US will be somewhere between 100,000 to 240,000 people if there is “intervention.”


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