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KSA backs terrorism at US, UK behest: Analyst

ksaA political analyst says the constant support of the US and Britain for Saudi Arabia is called “invincible ignorance” and that the US and British imperialism are linked to the Wahhabi regime, Press TV reports.

“This project of sponsoring false flag operations and terrorist operations of their own contrivance and their own doing is the design through which they terrorize not only the peoples of the world, specifically the people of United States,” author and political commentator Ralph Schoenman said on Tuesday.

“The entire war on terror is in fact the cover for the expansion of imperialist control and undermining of sovereignty on the part of nations that maintain control over their own resources and their own economic development,” he added.

The analyst emphasized that the destruction of Iraq is part of the Israeli regime’s “war of expansion in the region” which is armed and financed both by the US and Britain.
On Tuesday, Iraqi lawmaker Salman al-Moussawi said Baghdad has evidence that points to Saudi Arabia’s involvement in terrorist attacks inside Iraq.

Moussawi added that the documents prove that the Saudi government is backing the al-Qaeda-linked group of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Schoenman further said the United States and its intelligence services are involved in the operations taking place in Britain, France and the US which are ascribed to al-Qaeda or terrorist groups.
The commentator emphasized that American officials and US intelligence services are organizing and deploying such events as a “rationalization for imperialism.”

He added that such moves are “a means of suppressing civil liberties and the democratic rights of the population, the discarding of constitutional protections, the whole set of amendment of the history of civil liberties and of basic democratic rights that has been fought for in the course of the formation of the United States.”

“So it should be understood that these are not events that happen without the knowledge of the United States and United Kingdom and its intelligence services but on the contrary at their behest,” Schoenman stated.

They are false flag operations with the purpose of expanding their imperialism, he added.

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