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Shia religious scholar: Takfiri strategies lead to massacre

Ayatollah Shiekh Hassan Saffar“Takfiri method and extremist strategies lead to massacring people in the Islamic World,” said of the religious scholars in Saudi Arabia, Ayatollah Shiekh Hassan Saffar, reported Yatib News agency (YNA). “Using this strategy derived from having different viewpoints and credos in Ijtehadi issues and having doubts in the religious issues and affairs,” Saudi scholar underscored. “Those of Muslims who condemn their brothers and resort to extremist measures are actually take their steps in a way lead to bleeding,” Sheikh Hassan Saffar underlined. The religious scholar warned Muslims of the negative consequences of Takfiri and extremist measures and said,” There is no difference between those of Muslims who ridicule their brothers for their beliefs and those who attack on innocent people.” “Ahlalbayt did not let Muslims tarnish a person’s personality just because of having different view points and credos in some issues,” Shiekh Hassan Saffar mentioned.


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