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Saudi authorities arrested two Shia youth from Qatif

shia youth saudia1Saudi Wahhabi security forces arrested two Shia Muslims namely “Sayyid Aqeel Alawi Al Alawi” and Rabee’ Salah al-Khoneisi in Qatif city.

On 7 December, Saudi security forces detained the Shiite youth “Sayyid Aqeel Alawi Al Alawi”, 3 yeas, from Debabiyah district in Qatif city, and Rabee’ Salah al-Khoneisi, from Qal’a district in Qatif city.

The two detainees were taken to an unknown location. Their families were forbidden any formation about their fate .

It is worth to mention that Rabee’ al-Khoneisi was arrested as pressure his brother to surrender himself to the authorities.

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