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Saudi troops attack student protesters, injure six

Shiitenews Saudi troops attHundreds of Saudi students have gathered inside a college campus in the southwestern province of Asir to protest against poor services.
They are also complained of food prices and poor education provided by the ministry of education.
The students say they want the government to acknowledge its setbacks in the education system and put an end to mistreatment by teachers and morality police.
The protest came one day after university students in the capital, Riyadh, held a rally and boycotted classes to protest against poor educational facilities.
They also called for university teachers and security guards to treat students well.
Over the past few days, students across the country have been holding sit-ins in several universities, demanding better treatment by teachers and the morality police.
On March 7, dozens of student were injured after security forces broke up a protest at King Khalid University in Abha in the Asir Province.
Meanwhile, 128 pilots from Saudi Airlines have called for a strike. Last year a similar strike caused disruptions in many flights.
Riyadh is facing growing calls for justice and release of political prisoners since last year.
Several people have been killed and many more injured or detained in Riyadh’s crackdown on protests.


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