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Saudi Wahhabi Authorities continue the crackdown against Shia Muslims

Saudi Wahhabi Authorities continue the crackdown against Shia MuslimsAmerican backed Saudi Wahhabi Police has arrested a Shiite Muslim “Hussain Ahmad Al-Asheikh” from Southern province of Qatif on February 7th in the ongoing crackdown against the Shia Muslims in the Wahabi-Salfi kingdom.
According to the Shiite News Correspondent, Hussain Ahmed Al-Asheikh was stopped by a Saudi-Wahabi police patrol on police vehicle (GMC–XL).The

police began to insult him and beaten him on the spot. The Wahabi police took him into custody without any reason, and then released him after four hours.

On the other hand, a security force tried to raid the house of the Shi’a citizen (Abdullah Al-Sureih), but they failed to carry out their task because some youths prevent them to do that.

Abdullah Al-Sureih, is a youngster delivered a speech at the demonstration last Friday in Qatif demanding the legal rights of Shi’a minority.

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