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Where is King Abdullah?

saudi_king_tensA week has passed since Islam Times reported the death of King Abdullah. The confusion seen amongst the Saudi Arabian officials and their contradictory statements confirm this report.

The news circulated in the circles that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia passed away in Morocco. This report incurred various responses . This report was widely spread throughout the media of the region and the international world. Some Saudi Arabian officials also reacted to it.

The first claim that this report was false was published by Reuters who narrated from a counselor of the Saudi family. This claim was weak and only confirmed the Islam Times report. The report of his death is so important that official members of the Saudi Arabian government would falsify it, not a family counselor.

It is interesting that the name of this counselor was also not published. This also hurts the authenticity of the claim. Then a few hours later, another claim which stated that this report was false was issued by the Saudi Arabian foreign minister. He reported that the King was in great health.

But, a few hours before this claim, Saud al-Faisal, cancelled his trip to Algeria and instead, without prior notice, entered Morocco. This shady trip also confirms the Islam Times report. Then, Reuters announced that the false claims of King Abdullah’s death have made the price of oil rise in the region.

In conclusion, Islam Times is certain of its report; the King is dead! But, the Saudi Arabian officials have decided, due to the conditions of the region and their own country, to delay the announcement of his death. Therefore, they are trying to issue reports about him being alive and in good health.

If they insist that his health is good they can present evidence of this. He can deliver a short speech or a video of him can be released. But, Islam Times still stands firm and supports its report. The King is dead!

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