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Al-Habib criticizes preventing the Saudi Shia from establishing their prayers

Sheikh-Mohamed-Hassan-Al-HabibSheikh Mohamed Hassan Al-Habib has criticized the Saudi Government for preventing its Shia citizens in the city of Al-Khober from exercising their freedom of worship under the pretext of stopping the Shia expansion in the region.

Sheikh Al-Habib also denounced in a religious oration, on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Ali, preventing the Shia population in Saudi Arabia from establishing Friday’s prayer in congregation in the neighborhoods of Al-Khobar city, in full view of everyone.

He was surprised of the ideology that considers the desire of establishing prayers is part of the Shia expansion, in an apparent reference  to the political and sectarian strife between major regional powers in the Gulf and the Middle East.

He said “these complaints are apparent to all, prevent the faithful people from establishing prayers in congregation in full view of everyone,” and also wondered about the absence of any positive intervention in the case.

As part of his religious oration that was delivered in Safwa city located in Al-Qatif province, which addressed “justice in the life of Imam Ali,” Sheikh Al-Habib wondered about whether “it is fair that a person has hundreds of plans and lands, while many people of the country do not own a house.”

“Isn’t the land is God’s land. Why owned by so and so, why not handed over to the people,” he said. He also called on “Muslim rulers” to conduct a full review in implementing justice.

However, it is noteworthy to mention that the Saudi authorities last week issued an arrest warrant for two well-known Shia figures in the city of Khobar, cleric Sayed Mohammad Baqer Al-Nasser and a prominent Shia facet Abdullah Saleh Al-Muhanna.

The Saudi authorities had so far closed four mosques in the Shia neighborhoods of Al-Khobar city in the last two years, following the orders of the Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdul Al-Aziz stating to prevent the Saudi Shia population from establishing mosques and cemeteries outside their historical regions such as Najran, Al-Ahsa, and Al-Qatif.

Last week, Sayed Mohammad Baqer Al-Nasser, in a religious oration on the occasion of the birth of Imam Al-Hassan, said that the issue of Shia mosques should be kept in its usual frame, as a civil right case. He also indicated the necessarily of keeping in contacts with the Saudi officials, which he said will help to remove all made up stories by those spoilers.


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