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Saudi Wahhabis arrested the Shia citizen “Sayyid Hashim al-Sakhen”


Saudi security authorities (Wahhabi sect) in al-Qatif detained Shia citizen “Sayyid Hashim Nasir al-Sakhen” 43 years , an assistant of the manager of a local bank in Qatif.

Some members of Saudi Wahhabi authorities raided al-Sakhen’s home and confiscated his personal computer.

Anti – Shia Saudi Wahhabis falsely claimed  that Al-Sakhen conceald arms and weapons in his home, but when they raided to Al-Sakhen’s home and investigating for hours they didn’t find any arms belong to him.

The plight of this citizen began when he saw a suspicious person beside of his house , when al-Sakhen asked him why he stopped beside his house , the person left without delay .

Al-Sakhen chased him by his car . Later he knew that the stranger was a security agent.

Saudi Security Forces charged al-Sakhen of chasing the security agent and pulling a gun out of him .

It is not known where he is being held and al-Sakhen’s family tried repeatedly to have information about him but the police have provided no reason for his arrest.

For over four months , al-Sakhen has been denied access to his lawyer, members of his family and medical treatment, and the opportunity to challenge the legality of his detention.

Source: ABNA

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