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Saudi Wahhabi extremists force Shia worshippers to pray on the street

shiite-saudishia Saudi Shia worshipper’s in Khobar city were forced to perform their prayers in their neighborhood streets as wahhabi extremists prevented them from using a nearby Sunni mosques they used to perform their prayers in it. Several worshipper’s informed that a long bearded and short thobes, a typical look of wahhabi extremist, came from outside the neighborhood and prevented them from performing their prayers in a Sunni mosque. Saudi authorities gave their permission to Saudi Shia to perform their prayers in this Sunni mosques. The wahhabi extremists came along with the mosque custodian and started a heated dispute that was about to reach to a clash. The wahhabi extremists insulted the Shia Imam, Syed Mohammad Al-Nasser, which he took it calmly and ordered the worshippers to leave the mosques to defuse the situation. Al Syed Mohammad Al-Nasser performed the prayers on the street next to the mosque they were forced to leave. Sources informed  that a Shia delegation is planning to meet the officials in Eastern Province Governance (EMARA) to bring to their attention what happened.


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