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Al-Nasser released and Shia worshipers pray in Sunni mosques

al-nasser Saudi authorities released the prominent Shia figure Sayed Mohammad Baqer Al-Nasser after being detained for hour when for performing Jama’a prayer in one of the Sunni mosques. Sources informed that Eastern Province Governance (Emara) ordered Criminal Intelligence authorities to release Al-Nasser and five other worshippers who were with him at the time of arrest. Sources also informed Rasid that Emara gave permission to Shia citizens to perform daily prayers in the Sunni mosques which mark a distinct change i the tense relation between Shia citizens and the Saudi authorities for the past two years. Saudi authorities arrested Al-Nasser after performing evening prayers in a Sunni mosque adjacent to his house on Thursday. Sources informed Rasid that seven security patrol vehicles arrested Al-Nasser and five other worshippers after completing the evening prayers in Al-Habarti Mosque located in Al-Jiser neighborhood. Al-Nasser and other 50 Shia worshippers agreed with the Sunni mosque Imam to perform noon prayers with them and Shia will perform Asser (afternoon) prayers after all Sunni worshippers complete their prayers and leave the mosque. The agreement was respected and Al-Nasser and other Shia worshippers came for evening prayers to perform prayers with their Sunni brothers. But things turned upside down after evening prayers when security forces stormed the mosque. Intelligence forces, detained Al-Nasser and five other Shia worshippers among them were the prominent public figures Mr. Aqeel Al-Hajji and Abdulkhaliq Al-Thawwab. Detainees were subjected to questioning by Criminal Intelligence Chief Mohammad Al-Tuwaigri. Saudi authorities closed nine Shia mosques in the cities of Khobar, Ras Tanura, Khafji and Abqaiq. Saudi authorities put surveillance on several “mosques possible” areas and have detained several Shia citizens for hosting Jama’a prayers in their houses. It should noted here that Emara vice Prince Jalawi bin Abdulaziz and Emara Prince Office manager Zareb Al-Qahtani informed Shia delegation to utilize Sunni mosques when they went complaining about closure of their own mosques. Yet, when Shia citizen followed Emara instruction and performed prayers in Sunni mosques, they were detained by authorities!


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