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The Thai health minister: Saudi FM intends to determine his sexual orientation in Thailand, preliminary tests were highly successful

Bangkok—According to Thai Post — daily Thai-language newspaper owned by multi-millionaire tycoon Yingluck Shinawara — the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir began hormone therapy to settle his sexuality dilemma in a luxurious private hospital in downtown Bangkok.

Infamous for his effeminate and soft character in Saudi regime’s inner circles, Mr. al-Jubeir is among a handful of Saudi officials, advocating the right of LGBT communities in a puritanical society which adopts the harshest understand of Sharia laws. Al-Jubeir served as oil-rich kingdom’s ambassador to Washington, D.C. before assuming the helm of his country’s diplomatic apparatus.

“Yesterday, His Excellency [Minister al-Jubeir] was admitted to a well-equipped hospital with highly professional staff and we initiated the preliminary tests concomitant with the first phase of hormone therapy,” said the Thai Minister of Public Health Dr. Sakolsatayadorn on Wednesday, adding that further details will be announced in due course.

Dr. Guido Steinberg, a German expert on Saudi affairs says that despite his wishes, Mr. al-Jubeir’s physicians have told him that he must undergo an urgent sex reassignment surgery for male-to-female which is medically better suits his conditions because Mr. Jubeir’s sense of self is not consistent at all with his anatomical sex but due to Saudi Arabia’s restrictive social and political norms he has no option than selecting sexual male identity.

 Asked whether the Saudi Minister al-Jubeir set his mind regarding the fate of his sexuality, the Thai Health Minister demurred to respond, though he added that the saudi official will need special medication and psychological assistance during and after the operation .

LGBT citizens’ rights are not recognized in Saudi Arabia and to the consternation of Human Rights activists; the U.S. government does not reprimand its close Arab ally for brutally violating its citizens’ inalienable rights. If apprehended, the Saudi homosexual/transsexual victims would be severely punished, in most cases being sentenced to decapitation.


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