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Killer Crane in Mecca Owned by Saudi King’s Son

The crane which crashed through the ceiling of the Grand Mosque of Mecca, killing over a hundred pilgrims, operated for a company owned by Saudi Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, Arab media disclosed on Saturday.

According to the Arabic-language Middle-East Panorama website, the crane was mounted by Nesma company which is run by the Saudi King Salman’s son.

At least 107 people were killed and 238 more were injured when the crane collapsed on to the Grand Mosque during storms in the Muslim holy city of Mecca on Friday.

The website also quoted tweeter activists as blaming the Saudi officials for releasing a Photoshopped image allegedly showing the moment the fatal crane was struck by lightning prior to collapsing into the mosque.

Meantime, other media sources like Dailymail claimed that the crane belongs to a German crane company operated by the Bin Laden family’s consortium, who are heading the expansion of the Holy Mosque.

Storms were lashing the Saudi city of Mecca when strong winds brought down the crane that was part of construction works.

Tons of rubble and debris crashed to the ground on top of scores of people gathering in the mosque for 6:30 prayers when a section of the crane crashed through the roof.

In footage released on to social media last night the crane can be seen toppling towards a three-story section of the mosque complex, before smashing into the roof.


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