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Saudi Arabia proposes ceasefire plan to Yemen

Saudi Arabia has announced a plan for a ceasefire to Yemen under the auspices of the United Nations, the kingdom’s foreign minister said.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, the Saudi foreign minister, Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud, said the ceasefire proposed to the Houthis is envisioned “for the entire conflict”, including allowing for the main airport in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, to reopen, Aljazeera reported.

It would take effect “as soon as the Houthis agree to it”, he said in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh.

The Saudi foreign minister accused Iran of interfering in Yemen’s affairs, claiming, “The Houthis must decide whether to put their interests first or Iran’s interests first.”

The proposal would also allow for fuel and food imports through the western port of Hodeidah – Yemen’s main port of entry – and restarting political negotiations between the Saudi Arabia-backed government of President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi and the Houthis.

While six years have passed since the resistance of the Yemeni nation and army, and also in recent days, the intensity of the attacks of the Yemeni army on Saudi Arabia has increased, Riyadh was finally forced to offer a ceasefire.

In recent years, the Saudis have repeatedly tried to get out of the Yemeni quagmire with dignity and even tried to use international organizations or the Americans or some European countries as mediators.

Although the Saudi foreign minister has tried to hide the Saudi concern and plea for an end to the war by offering a ceasefire, it is clear that the attacks in recent months have put a lot of pressure on the Saudis and their coalition.

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