Israel military to station new unit along Syrian border: Israeli source

syrian boderThe Israeli military is set to deploy a new regional unit along the Syrian border in the occupied Golan Heights, a military source says.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the Israeli military source told Xinhua on Wednesday that the new unit would be the Israeli regime’s fifth regional division to operate in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

The Israeli daily Haaretz also reported that the decision had been finalized by Israeli Chief of Staff Lt. Gen Benny Gantz earlier this week.

The regime in Tel Aviv has recently increased its military activities in the occupied Syrian territory of Golan Heights.

On June 26, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that military maneuvers may be carried out in the occupied Golan Heights in the near future, the Times of Israel reported.

The Israeli military has also been behind a number of aerial assaults on the Syrian soil over the past months.

On May 5, the Israeli military launched an airstrike on the Jamraya Research Center in a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus.

The regime in Tel Aviv, along with the West and its other regional allies, are supporting over two years of deadly crisis plaguing Syria.

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