Hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner stops drinking water as protest

inside-jailsThe Palestinian prisoner in “Israeli” jails Mohammed Kanaana stopped drinking water on Wednesday.
This comes one week after starting a hunger strike protesting his incarceration along with “Israeli” homicide convicts.
Kanaana, from Araba town in the Galilee occupied since 1948, accused the “Israeli” Shatta prison administration with deliberately putting him alongside criminals despite being a security prisoner.

In parallel, he told his lawyer that the prison administration left him in the prison yard for 14 hours and threatened to beat him after his refusal to enter a jail cell in the midst of homicide convicts.
“The “Israeli” prison administration also deprives me of all his rights and denies me family visits,” the Palestinian prisoner said.

It is worth mentioning that Kanaana was arrested in June 2011 and sentenced to three months in jail after accusing him of beating an “Israeli” policeman and throwing stones during marches marking the Nakba day.

He was held in house arrest after his release then he was again detained in April 2012 and sentenced to 15 months.


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