Hamas excavation team sent to Saudi Arabia to dig a tunnel between the borders with Yemen

A group of Hamas forces arrived at Riyadh airport at noon, April 28 to dig a tunnel between the borders of Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

The Group of 16, who are earlier experienced and skillful in designing, mapping and implementation of road tunnels in Gaza and Syria arrived Saudi Arabia to help the Saudi government against liberal Yemenis.

It is said that the equipment required for this work has already been ready in Saudi Arabia and digging the tunnel will be completed in the next two weeks with the help of Egyptian workers in Saudi Arabia.

The possibility of transferring tanks, armored personnel carriers and military vehicles will be some features of the tunnel.
Saudi military needs transmission of forces and equipment to behind of Yemeni forces’ position and sudden attack on their forces in a possible ground invasion to Yemen. Hamas has already used this method at war with Israel.

Some believe digging tunnels in various cities of Syria and their possibility of underground connection with neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey was performed in cooperation and consulting with Hamas in order to military exploit and transportation of personnel and equipment in support of Free Syrian Army against Bashar al-Assad.


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