Palestinian women protest against zionist israeli occupation

Hundreds of Palestinian women have chosen to mark this year’s international women day, in a march towards the Qalandia checkpoint located on the verge of occupied Jerusalem al-Quds. The rally was a symbolic reminder of the aggression all Palestinians including women, face under Israel’s brutal occupation.

Protesting women managed to reach the Qalandia barrier where dozens of Israeli soldiers have been stationing there. They closed the steel gates to force the protesters return, but the Palestinian protesters said they would continue resistance until their dream of an independent state with east Jerusalem al-Quds as its capital comes true.

The rally turned violent after Israeli soldiers fired tear gas and sound bombs to disperse the protesters. Over 2 dozen women suffered injuries due to tear gas inhalation. Heavy clashes also erupted between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian stone-throwers.

Palestinian women have always had strong presence in all activities against the Israeli occupation policies. Now, these protesters are out in force to mark the international women’s day to once again manifest their full and active participation in all forms of struggle against the Israeli occupation through this protest.

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