Israeli Knesset Passes Bill to Dissolve Itself

Zionist Knesset on Wednesday voted in a preliminary reading of a bill to dissolve itself, in preparation for early elections in October.

The bill was supported by 110 lawmakers during Wednesday’s vote. A second and third vote is expected to be held next week.

“It is expected that the procedures for ratifying the dissolution of the Knesset with three readings will be completed next Monday,” the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said.

The bill will include the date of early elections, which are expected to be held on October 25.

On Monday evening, Israeli enemy’s PM Naftali Bennett and FM Yair Lapid announced their agreement to dissolve the Knesset and go to early elections.

If the Knesset approves the bill, Lapid will become the head of a transitional government until a new Cabinet is formed after the elections.


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