Fatah Military Wing Announces Mobilization in Occupied West Bank to Confront Zionist Escalation

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Fatah Movement’s military wing, announced on Saturday the general mobilization among its fighters in the occupied West Bank, stressing that the Zionist crimes will be faced with ambushes and painful strikes.

The spokesman of the Palestinian movement indicated that the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces and settlers in Beita, Jabal Sabih and Barqa will be met with painful strikes in the depth of the occupation, emphasizing that the enemy will never enjoy security and stability before abandoning the Palestinian lands and sanctities.

Fatah military spokesman added that the Palestinian territories can never be invaded by the Israeli occupation forces and settlers, noting that the ambushes will be waiting for them.

The battle will remain open-ended as long as the Zionist entity occupies Palestine, the spokesman of the Palestinian movement concluded.



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