‘Israel’ Fears Hamas Win, Pressures Palestinian President to Scrap Elections

Coordinator of Zionist Government Activities, General Kamil Abu Rukun, stressed that ‘Israel’ should halt all of its security coordination with the Palestinians if the Hamas prevails in next month’s Palestinian legislative election, as looks increasingly likely.

“We will stop everything,” Abu Rukun said, “It is a very big mistake to go to these elections due to the high risk Hamas will win, and therefore anything that serves this [a Hamas victory], my recommendation is to not go along with it.”

Abu Rukun said he conveyed that stance to the Palestinians via indirect channels, considering that ‘Israel’ must prevent the Palestinian elections from being held in East Jerusalem.

Head of Israeli intelligence agency Shabak, Nadav Argaman, met few days ago with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, warning him against forming a national unity government with Hamas movement.

Israeli media outlets mentioned that Argaman stressed, during the meeting, that the alliance between Fatah and Hamas movements in the upcoming legislative elections as well as PLO endeavor to sue ‘Israel’ at ICC are forbidden.



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