Hackers threaten to leak personal info after attacking Israeli insurance firm

An Israeli insurance company is being threatened by hackers who broke into the firm earlier this month and stole files consisting of personal details of its workers and clients.

Known as The Black Shadow group, they demanded last week that Shirbit pay out almost a million dollars within 24 hours or have the information stolen from them sold online.

As the insurance company refused, the group released an image yesterday of Shirbit’s CEO, Zvi Leibushor’s passport, and the identity documents of some of the company’s clients.

According to Israel’s Channel 12 TV, Black Shadow said: “The sale of the first package is finished. Now we are going to sell the second package.”

The Black Shadow account received a payment of five bitcoins, worth about $104,000, Walla news website reported.

However, due to the anonymous nature of bitcoin transfers, details of who made the transactions remain hidden.

Shirbit said in response: “This is the psychological warfare we expected and is in regard to the same information that was already disseminated.”

“Shirbit’s defense systems blocked attack attempts and efforts to thwart attacks are ongoing and are coordinated with leading cyber experts and government officials,” the company said.

A source involved in the investigation was quoted by Channel 12 saying that the authorities believe that an Israeli individual may be involved in the ransomware attack.

Among its customers, Shirbit has business relations with government entities, including the Tel Aviv District Court president.

Shirbit specializes in real estate, auto, and travel insurance. A month ago it won a bid to provide auto insurance for Israel’s civil service employees during 2021

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