Palestine resigns from Arab League presidency

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki has said that Palestine has decided to relinquish its presidency of the Arab League in the current term. This decision was taken in protest of the recent actions of some Arab countries in reaching an agreement with Israel and normalizing relations with this regime.

“Palestine is a member of the Arab League and has worked to strengthen its role and position, and it will never relinquish its seat in the League, because it will create a vacuum and various scenarios that are not needed at this critical juncture,” Al-Maliki told a news conference on Tuesday. He added: “Some influential Arab countries have rejected the conviction of withdrawing from the Arab peace initiative, so the union will never take a decision in favor of condemning its withdrawal at the time.”

The Palestinian Foreign Minister continued: “The recent meeting was an attempt to easily approve the normalization of relations between the UAE and to create a distinction between stability in support of the Palestinian cause and adherence to the rights of the Palestinian people, while the two issues have nothing to do with each other and this method is not acceptable.”

“As much as the Arab League wants our activities to falter, we do not want insecurity for the Arab League’s activities. Free propaganda for Donald Trump is not part of our program,” Al-Maliki said. While noting that “We listened to the interview of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his remarks,” he added: This is the right position. It is not a matter of stopping the annexation day or postponing it.

“Palestine is counting on Russia’s position and any solution to the Palestinian question must be based on international legitimacy,” he emphasized.

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