PIJ says its security system thwarted many of Zionist regime plans

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement (PIJ) stated that its security system has thwarted many of the Zionist regime’s terrorist plans against the Islamic Resistance.

According to the Lebanese news site Al-Ahd, Abu Hamzah, the spokesman for the Al-Quds Battalions, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine, added: “We have thwarted many Zionist’s attempts to assassinate prominent Palestinian figures.”

Abu Hamzah emphasized: “The Quds units formed a strong security system with their efforts, and this system prevented the evil plans of the Zionists and thwarted many of their attempts to assassinate Palestinian leaders.”

“The main goal of the intelligence efforts of the security unit of the Quds Battalions is to strengthen the internal front of the Palestinian resistance and protect its capabilities, and this unit is continuing its efforts and coordination with security agencies in the Gaza Strip,” Abu Hamzah pointed out.

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