Palestinian Hamas Resistance movement announced take part in election

The head of the political office of the Palestinian Hamas Movement announced his agreement to take part in holding the election.

Ismail Haniya expressed hope that the election could exit Palestine from its current crisis.

Talking with the head of the election committee Hanna Nasir, Haniya stressed freedom of thought and fostering a good environment to hold the election, Iran Press reported.

Stressing the election must be held in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, an al-Quds, he expressed hope that with the internal division of Palestine is terminated and a unique Palestine is created.

“I tell the Palestinian people on this visit, we gave a positive answer to the election plan and based on the stance will take part in the election; an election which is supposed to be held within the framework of law and the agreed mechanism, God willing,” Haniya said.

There are two types of elections in Palestine: general election and local election. The general election is said to be one held throughout Palestine and includes the election of the Palestinian Authority president and the Palestinian Legislative Council head.

The last Palestinian integrated parliamentary election was held in 2006. The election ended with the decisive victory of the Hamas resistance movement, but the US and Western countries refused to accept the results.

The Israeli regime also detained Hamas lawmakers, making difficulties for the Palestinian legislature.


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