Indian intrusion may have aimed at isolating Pakistan worldwide

Former Defence Secretary Lt Gen Tariq Waseem Ghazi has said that Indian incursion could have been aimed at isolating and sidelining Pakistan internationally and not really dismantling military structures.

He said this, speaking at a programme on the future of the current stand-off between Pakistan and India at the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs.
He noted that hype was created by India hence current mood there is propelling everything. He emphasised that you don’t get into an escalation without any strategic advantages.
However, he said that timing of Pakistan’s shutting down madressahs in the aftermath of Pulwama is wrong and that should have been done but doing it now has India pointing fingers at us, saying that ‘see Pakistan has had to take measures’ to prevent a repeat of the incident,” said a retired general on Saturday.
“The trigger for the recent escalation between Pakistan and India is Pulwama, and Pulwama had nothing to do with us. It was nurtured and home-grown in India,” he said.
“The present Indian government’s decision-making is done by their prime minister with the national security adviser. The nature of the Indian government is the nature of the deep state which functions through misinformation, sabotage, etc, to carry out their plans or game of getting an extra five years in power. So it is [linked] to political benefit,” he said, adding that he thinks Indians this time miscalculated.

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