JUIF chief Fazalur Rehman accused of corruption for undue perks

The JUI Ideological Group leaders has lambasted the JUI-F chief Fazalur Rehman, saying that Deobandi cleric Fazal and his deputy Abdul Ghafoor Haideri compromised the interests of people of Balochistan in reciprocation to undue perks they were rewarded with for sell-out of legitimate interests of Balochistan.

Deobandi cleric Abdul Qadir Looni, JUI Ideological group’s president of Balochistan chapter expressed these views at Defence of Ideology Conference in Gwadar.
He also turned down the revival of Fazal-led MMA, an alliance of religio-political parties on the ground that the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal was not revived for unity of Muslims. He said MMA was resuscitated to serve group’s interests (of Fazal).
Looni said that Balochistan had got nothing from CPEC but Deobandi clerics Abdul Ghafoor and Fazal of JUI-F benefited from selling the legitimate interests of people of Balochistan like other politicians.


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