Allama Jafari warns GB government against occupation of Baltistan land

Renowned Shia Muslim religious scholar Allama Shaikh Mohammad Jafari has warned the Gilgit-Baltistan government of stiff resistance and public reaction if it occupies Baltistan land in the name of Khalsa Sarkar anymore.

Speaking at a ceremony, he said, Land Reforms Commission should not make biased and unfair decisions regarding the people’s land. He alerted that Baltistan land cannot be usurped by the Commission.
He urged the Land Reforms Commission to stop declaring peoole’s land as Khalsa Sarkar. He said people of Baltistan were dismayed and angry over the usurpation of their land.
He warned the government to refrain from illegal occupation of people’s land; otherwise people would not remain silent and would come out to prevent occupation and usurpation of their land.

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