Anti-Shia witch-hunt of Pindi police, scores held, sanctity of privacy violated

shia arest pakistanBiased Rawalpindi police have raided several houses of Shiites violating the sanctity of chadar and char divari and rounded up several innocent Shia Muslims to implicate them in false case.

Shiite News Correspondent reported that Pindi police raided several houses in Chor Harpal area and misbehaved with the women during search and raid operation. Finally, they took with them several innocent Shiites.

Some of those taken into custody by the police were: Syed Saghir Hussain Shah, Azad Hussain Shah, Imran son of Qurban Hussain Shah, his brother Aun Hussain Shah. Syed Ammaar Ali Shah and Syed Nisar Ali Shah son of Safdar Shah who were held and released earlier, were retaken into custody.

Tahir Hussain son of Muhammad Hussain, Syed Qamar Ali Shah son of Syed Shah Kazmi offered themselves for arrest.

Shia parties and leaders and relatives of the rounded up innocent Shiites complained that the Punjab government sided with the outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba (renamed as Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jamaat) and is trying to implicate innocent Shiites who fell victims of terrorist attacks on the day of Ashura in Pindi. They demanded Supreme Court to take suo motu notice against the biased Punjab government and Rawalpindi police.


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