Sit-in Protest against Kurram Agency besiege

Parachinar-shiaCountrywide sit in Proest by blocking KKH Internation and other main highways held on chehlum day procession throughout the country including Be-sieged Parachinar the eadquarter of Kurram Agency Fata.

According to details on Tuesday Chelum of Karbala martyrs observed in besieged Parachinar where the biggest  Procession of country held in which ten of thousands people participated ,the procession started early at the morning and when it reached Hazara graveryard on afternoon the Procession give two hours long Sit in Protest against what they say state terrorism by military establishment.

Ulema and speakers in their addresses to protesting mourners told that some black sheep within military establishment and secret agencies want to do Genocide of half million people of Parachinar by imposing Crippling Siege and economic blockade imposed by militants Taliban the production of American backwater dollars and Saudi Wahabi’s riyals with in Pakistan they blamed the authorities.They further told that the Imposition of four years long crippling siege on Parachinar is pressure by military establishment that why the people of Parachinar did not sheltered the militants Taliban the so called strategic assests of secrte agencies of the country.Ulema declared its today yazeediyat and oppression against its own citizen by military and worse case then state terrorisim in Kashmir.They rejected the pro military Establishment & pro ISPR Media Reports saying quoting Commandant FC Col Tausef that Heli Service was started to Be-sieged Parachinaris.They raised a question that a single heli once in week carries family members of Col Tausef and other officer of military is joke and media point scoring by Col Tausef who murdered innocent children in gunship shellings.

Meanwhile, like Parachinar all over the country in main cities and towns Sit in Protest/Dharna held on Chehlum day in response to call made by APC a day ago.According to recived reports in Gilgit Balitistan Karakororm Internation Highway(KKH) was blocked by ten of thousands of Aazars while MWM hold Protest in Fowara Chowk after Zoher Prayer and similar protest in Karachi ,Quetta Peshawar and other cities.They demanded the government to immediatly lift the inhuman siege imposed on Parachinar

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