Gilgit: Shabir Hussain Shot Martyred

martyrShabir Hussain martyred on Tuesday at Napura Narote Gilgit by the terrorists of outlawed Nasabi-Wahabi’s organization.

Shabir Hussain got two bullets, when he was going to his office at 8:15 am morning when the barbaric terrorists of Nasabi’s organization of Sipah-e-Yazeed opened fire at him.  Shaheed Shabir Hussain was the Assitant Sub-Inspector in  Gilgit Police.

Government and law enforcement agencies are still fail to control target killings, terrorists have free hand to do bloodshed around the country. Terrorism is one of the main reasons of economic crisis in country and terrorists are still getting suppor from high authorities. Thousands of innocent Shia people lost their lives but no terrorist is hanged are punished yet. Even if some time they arrested, they released or escaped easily


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