Wahdat-e-Millat convention will hold on August 1st at Islamabad, MWM

Allama-Raja-Abbas-NasirMajlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) Pakistan on Monday announced to hold “ Wahdat-e-Millat convention “ on August 1st at Islamabad against the genocide of Shia Muslims in Pakistan.

Addressing the press conference at National Press Club Islamabad, MWM General Secretary Allama Nasir Abbas Jafari, and Deputy Secretary Allama Muhamad Amin Shaheedi, said that the govt has failed to maintain law and order situation of the country saying that genocide of Shia Muslims is still continued in the country especially in Karachi, Quetta and D.I.khan.

They severely condemned the ongoing genocide of Shia Muslims in Karachi, Quetta and other parts of the country.

Shia leaders called upon the administration to take stern action against terrorists and anti-nation elements, who are involved in the killing of innocent people and to prevent the lives and properties of the masses.

They said that Southern Punjab becomes the safe-haven of the terrorists of outlawed terrorist organizations including Taliban terrorist saying that Punjab government has reluctant to start the operation against these terrorists.

Referring the present situation of Kurram Agency Parachanar, MWM leaders termed the Kurram Agency Parachanar as Gaza of Pakistan saying that more than 0.8 million population of Kurram Agency is suffering the land-locked situation from the last two years.

They refuted the governments claims to clear the Tall—Parachanar area from the control of Taliban terrorists saying that Peshawar—Parachanar Road is still on the control of Taliban terrorists because Law Enforcement Agencies and Army have not yet carried out stern operation against the terrorists.

MWM leaders announced that they will hold the “ Wahdat-e-Millat convention “ on August 1st at Islamabad against the genocide of Shia Muslims in Pakistan saying that all political and religious parties will join attend the convention.

The leaders also blasted the Punjab assembly resolution and nefarious campaign against the media and press


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