Quetta: Shia leaders demanded action against outlawed organizations

Quetta_ProgramThe Central meeting to condemn the genocide of Shia Muslim was held at Alamdar Road Quetta on Sunday under the aegis of Shohada Organizing committee Balochistan, component of Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM), Imamia Students Organization (ISO), Jafaria Alliance Pakistan (JAP), Shia Ulema Council (SUC), Hazara Qaumi Jirga (HQJ), Shia Conference and others.

According to the Shiite News Correspondent, Thousands of people belongs from Shia Community were attended the protest meeting to condemn the target killing of Shia Muslims in Balochistan and failure of the government to arrest the terrorists involved in the killing of Shia people.

Addressing the protest meeting, MWM Central Deputy General Secretary Maulana Ameen Shaheedi, Allamam Ghulam Mehdi Najafi, Allama Maqsood Domki, Musarat Agha, President Shohda Organizing Committee Balochistan Qayum Changezi, Haji Tahir Nazari, Fida Hussain Naushad, and ISO Balochistan President Amir Abbas Touri demanded of the Government to take stern action against the terrorists of banned terrorists outfit Taliban, Lashkhar-e-Jhangvi and Sipah-e-Sahaba.

They said that Agents of United States and Israel were involved in the genocide of Shia Muslims in Pakistan and Balochistan saying that Governemnt has failed to arrest the terrorists involved in the target killing of Shia elders and notables in Balochistan Province.

They demanded of the Government to immediately arrest the terrorists involved in the killing of Shia Muslims and expose the conspiracy against Pakistan in-front of masses.

Shia leaders strongly condemned the suicide bomb blast in holy Data Darbar and said that terrorists of outlawed organizations were involved in the barbaric acts of Data Darbar.

They accused the Punjab government of patronising the terrorists of outlawed organizations Taliban, Sipah-e-Sahaba and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

They further accused the Taliban of conspiring to destablise Pakistan through attempting the heinous terrorists’ activities.

The participants of the protest meeting were chanting the slogans of Down with USA, Down with Israel, and in favor of Shia-Sunni unity.


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