Allama Sajid asks Ayatollah Bashir to clarify his position on Shaukat Raza Shaukat

The office of Allama Syed Sajid Ali Naqvi, chief of Shia Ulema Council, has sought clarification from the office of Grand Ayatollah Bashir Najafi on the issue of Shaukat Raza Shaukat, a Zakir who was deported from Iraq on the charges of deviant speech and poetry that was against the tenets of Shia Islam.

Allama Sajid’s office asked Ayatollah Bashir’s office to clarify what was the reality of the issue of Shaukat Raza Shaukat whether charges framed against him were true or not? Was it (baseless) allegation or Shaukat Raza Shaukat in fact perpetrated that offence?
Office of Allama Sajid further suggested that if allegation against Shaukat Raza Shaukat was true then he must not be supported by anybody and the Grand Ayatollah Bashir Najafi should elaborate the policy vis-à-vis such deviant persons.


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