Quetta:- MWM & ISO protest against Shia genocide

MWM_I.S.O_ProtestImamia Students Organization (ISO) and Majlis-e-Wahdate Muslimeen on Friday staged protest against the target killing of Shia Muslims in Balochistan.

Addressing the protest demo held outside the Kalari Imambargah, ISO Balochistan President Aamir Abbas Turi, MWM Balochistan Secretary General Maulana Maqsood Doomki  and Maulana Wilayat Jaffari said that hundreds of Shia doctors and government officials have lost their lives in targeted killings in the city over the past few years in addition to scores of other members of the community killed and wounded in bomb blasts at Imambargahs and processions, a representative body of the community’s scholars said on Wednesday.

They demanded that persons belonging to proscribed outfits must not be allowed to function under a different name. They said if a proscribed group continued to carry out its activities after changing its name, its members should be arrested so that the lives of doctors, scholars, traders and other professionals could be protected.

They said the authorities should fulfil their promise of providing jobs to the heirs of those who lost their lives in the blasts.

The leaders that more than 350 Shia doctors, Ulema, traders and others people of Shia Community had been killed in Quetta. They pointed out that terrorist training camps were being run on the outskirts of the provincial capital.

They said Shia representative bodies on May 23 had given a deadline of June 20 to the Balochistan government to allow Rangers and other law-enforcement agencies to arrest militants, pay financial compensation to the families of the victims of terrorism, and put an end to targeted killings.

It was announced that members of the Shia community from across the country would converge at the Chief Minister’s House on July 4.

They said that they are ready to sacrifice their life’s for the sake of Islam and Pakistan.


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