Four Shia Muslims martyred in Karachi

4 shia shaheedAt least four Shia Muslims, including two doctors, were shot martryed by terrorists of outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba (Yazeed) and Taliban on Monday and three others were injured in different parts of Karachi, police officials said just days before the holy month of Muharram starts.

A doctor named Sher Ali and Dr Naseem Zaidi were shot martyred in the Manghopir neighborhood in western district and another was gunned down around noon at Tariq Road in the eastern part of the city.
“The killing pattern shows that they were apparently carried out on sectarian grounds,” Javed Alam Odho, the deputy inspector general of police told AFP.
The other two victims were killed in central district when unknown attackers burst into a tailor’s shop and opened fire.
The owner and a worker were killed and three others were injured.
“The attack seemed to be on sectarian lines as all of the people inside the shop were Shia,” senior police officer Aamir Farooqi said.
The latest attacks came ahead of the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Muharram, when Shia mourn the seventh century martyrdom of Hussain, the grandson of prophet Mohammad, along with his family members.
Shias make up around a fifth of the predominantly Sunni Muslim population.
Police are already carrying out operations against criminal groups to curb sectarian and political killings.
Security would be further tightened for Muharram, they said.
“We are already carrying out the operation against sectarian and other elements and we would certainly intensify our efforts during the coming days,” Odho said.
Karachi, a city of 18 million people which contributes a major portion of Pakistan’s GDP, is rife with murder and kidnappings and has been plagued for years by ethnic, sectarian and political violence.


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