17 Shia Muslims martyred since Rangers got additional power for targeted operation

kashiAt least 17 Shia Muslims have been assassinated since the rangers cops got additional powers for targeted operation in Karachi, Shiite News correspondent reported on Saturday.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had arrived in Karachi in the first week of September 2013 and discussed policy to establish peace in the city with higher authorities of Sindh province and with polity. He ordered for targeted operation with more powerful rangers alongside police.

The Yazidi takfiri nasbi terrorists took the Prime Minister’s much-publicized Karachi visit for granted and when he was chalking out the anti-terrorists and anti-criminals policies, they were targeting two Shiites.

On September 3, Zaheer Hussain and Aijaz Hussain were the first Shia victims who were assassinated by the target killers of outlawed terrorist outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba/Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. Mohammad Zaman had fallen victim to the terrorist a day earlier.

The Yazidi terrorists, untouched during much-orchestrated targeted operation, continued terrorism unabated. They murdered Syed Mohammad Raza on September 10, Syed Shahid Ali on September 12, and Mumtaz Ali Shah on September 14.

Mohammad Bux Jatoi and Mushtaq Hussain embraced martyrdom on 16th of September. Abid Ali and Zakir Hussain were shot martyred on 18th and 19th September respectively. Kashif Hussain Zaidi and Hassan Jawad were ambushed on September 27 and 30 respectively.

Since October 2 to 9, six Shiites including a police inspector were shot martyred. Anwar Hussain and Azhar Abbas were made targets by the Yazidi takfiri nasbi terrorists on October 2and 4 respectively. On October 5, Shahid Raza and Shabbar Hussain embraced martyrdom. On October 8, Ali Raza was martyred while he was on back after dropping his wife to school in Lyari.
On October 9, Irfan Haider Naqvi, a station house officer of Sir Syed Town Police was sprayed with multiple bullets and his friend Sub Inspector Shahbaz Ali, a Sunni Muslim was also hit with shots. They were having tea at a hotel. At least 10 bullets hit Shia police inspector and 9 shots hit his Sunni friend.

These are the targeted murders of Shiites. Martyrs left many dependents behind. Many of them had parents and relatives as their dependents alongside widows and children. Neither government nor secular NGOs have come forward to compensate the dependents and heirs of the martyrs.

The Yazidi nasbi takfiri terrorists have launched an unabated unilateral war on peaceful Pakistani Shia Muslims and they publicly claimed responsibility for genocide of Shia Muslims.

The PMLN government has initiated the course of parleys with the Taliban terrorists notwithstanding the fact that outlawed Taliban and its offshoots such as outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba and outlawed Lashkar-e-Jhangvi are sworn enemies of peaceful Pakistanis due to different ideology.

The police and rangers have not targeted said terrorists during ongoing targeted operation that is why the genocide of Shia Muslims continues unabated. Shame on the pro-terrorists rulers and their allies! In the eyes of Pakistanis, they are abettors of the terrorists.

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