Ayatollah Mujtaba Hussaini says Shiites-Sunnis united against takfiris and their masters on Syria

islb mujtaba hussainiAyatollah Mujataba Hussaini, representative of Wali-e-Faqeeh Imam Khamenei for Syria, has said that Sunni and Shia Muslims in Syria and around the world are united against the takfiri terrorists and their masters.
Speaking at a seminar on Syrian Situation in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad, he said, that the United States announced war on Syria in haste ignoring the ground realities.

“When the U.S. realized the factual position and strength and durability of President Assad and his people, the U.S. had to reverse its position because Israel will come under attack in reaction to the war on Syria,” he said.

He said that the way of Islamic resistance such as Hezbollah is the right path to counter the cancerous enemy in the Middle East the usurper regime of Zionist illegitimate state of Israel. He said that the U.S.-led coalition for the killing beat the drums of war to encourage their proxies such as Nusra Front and Free Syrian Army but they could not succeed in their nefarious designs.

He said that Imam Ali Khamenei is the role model leader of Islamic Ummah and downtrodden people who always supported actively the oppressed and suppressed people across the world including in Bosnia and Palestine.

“Syria has emerged victorious because the terrorists used chemical weapons and proofs have been handed over to the UN investigators. Syrian army and government has brought most of the disturbed areas under their control and now the mosques and shrines are opened for pilgrims,” he said.

Ayatollah Mujtaba Hussaini further said that as a government Iranian government and as a resistance group Hezbollah, have proved them model for the world people, let alone Muslims and the axis of the resistance always foiled the attacks of the enemies of Islam and humanity.

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