Conspiracy to Curb Azadari-e-Hussain, Fourth Schedule List to Carry New Names

In a bid to curtail Shiite and Ahle Sunnah processions in the months of Muharram and Rabi ul Awal the government has ordered to re-list fourth schedule and Afghan Tender within 15 days.

Sources privy to interior ministry has revealed that Additional Interior Secretary (Internal Security) has ordered the divisional commissioners and district coordination’s around 36 districts to re-collect data of personnel affiliated with banned organizations and those involved in suspicious activities with a criminal track record.

In this regard many a new names would be added to the list, it is no news that in the wake of NATIONAL ACTION PLAN, shiite clerics were barred from travel and restricted within areas, a move to curb Azadari-e-Hussain (as). Many a FIRs were registered under Ahle-sunnah and Shiite clerics names for preaching the prophet’s and imam’s ideology from the pulpit, Durood o Salaam was barred from speakers of mosques, a move made in guise of NATIONAL ACTION PLAN.

These atrocities and parity against the true Islamic factions, promoting Takfiri Ideology, became the reason for MWM supremo allama Raja Nasir Abbas to come upfront in the federal capital protesting with a 3 month long hunger strike.


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