Conspiracy to target Yaum-e-Ali Procession foiled: Truck laden with ammunition seized in Karachi

wepanKarachi Police intercepted and apprehended a truck laden with weapons and ammunition on the Super Highway, that was allegedly intended for terrorist activities at Yaum-e-Ali (as) procession in Karachi.
SSP South Nasir Aftab said that the police had been tipped off that a truck was bringing arms and ammunition from Mardan to Karachi.
Subsequently, his team conducted a search operation on Super Highway to catch suspected truck and recovered a large amount of ammunition, including six sub-machine guns, one light machine gun and thousands of bullets, belts, butts, daggers and other arms. No explosive material was to be found on board, though.
The weapons were hidden in wooden sections specially constructed for the purpose in the upper compartments of the truck. The vehicle was otherwise found to be empty.
Aftab further said that the police had arrested two suspects.

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