NATO Airstrike Kills Five Pakistanis in Afghanistan

QUETTA: Alleged as drug smugglers, Nato killed five Pakistani’s in an airstrike on a convoy in Afghanistan.

According to reports, Nato planes attacked the convoy late Friday night in Bund Taimur, Afghanistan, overlooking the famous Girdi Jungle once known as the hub of heroin trade in the region. As a result of the attack, 30 people were killed and several others injured.

Most of the bodies were recovered from the bombing site where a number vehicles destroyed by the air strike were also found, locals and relatives of the deceased said.

The locals further confirmed that five of those killed in the attack, belonged to Chagai District. Most of the people killed were allegedly involved in narcotics business, mainly transporting heroin to Pakistan and Iran from Afghanistan.

Some of the deceased were identified as Pir Mohammad, Mohammad Essa, Mazar Khan, Qadir, Kamal, Bakht Mohammad, Hassan, Lalu, Dildar, Abdul Wahid and Bakhtiyar. Bodies of most of the victims were charredbyeond recognition.

There has been no word about the air strike from the Afghan government or the Nato command in Kabul.


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