Daesh’s existence in Pakistan will not be tolerated: Foreign Office

Daesh’s existence in Pakistan will not be tolerated: Foreign Office

Spokesperson of Pakistan Foreign Office Qazi Khaleel Ullah, during weekly news briefing, strongly condemned Daesh and said that there is nothing Islamic about Daesh and Pakistan will neither tolerate Daesh’s existence within its territroy nor will allow anyone to use Pakistan’s land. COAS General Raheel Sharif had also pointed towards the existence of Daesh’s supporters in Islamabad. The spokesperson strongly rejected allegations that Pakistani agencies or forces are involved in attacks in Afghanistan and said that Pakistan wishes that peace be established in Afghanistan.

According to sources, the statement of FO has been issued at a time when Pakistan’s COAS General Raheel Sharif, in an address during his recent London visit, had declared the presence of Daesh’s supporters in Islamabad as apprehensive. General Raheel Sharif had clearly pointed towards Islamabad’s Laal Masjid, which is an important center of notorious terrorists, its head Molana Abdul Aziz, who has been openly announcing his support to Daesh, and Jama’a Hafsa, which is their madarsa for females and its head Umm e Hassaan (wife of Molana Abdul Rasheed) even did a press conference in Daesh’s support. 


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