Actions of Political revenge against our members in the name of National Action Plan are not acceptable: Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafri

Although it is necessary to follow the National Action Plan however, revengeful actions against our members in Punjab in the name of National Action Plan are not acceptable. We have always been patriotic and promoted unity and brotherhood and were the first to raise voice against terrorism. We have given huge sacrifices in the war against terrorism and have given lives of more than 24000 of our loved ones but we have always fought against terrorism with courage and patience just because of our country’s security and survival. Millat e Ja’afaria has the distinction that its followers have always given priority to Pakistan’s security and survival but we dejectedly say today that we have been sidelined. The act of treating both criminals and oppressed people in the same manner is a scheme to affect the war against terrorism. These thoughts were expressed by the leader of MWM Pakistan Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafri while talking to media after the Majlis e Tarheem that was arranged in remembrance of Alhaj Haider Ali Mirza Late, at Momin Pura graveyard in Lahore.

MWM’s senior leaders Allama Ejaz Baheshti, Syed Nasir Shirazi, Syed Asad Abbas Naqvi and Secretary General Punjab Allama Abdul Khaliq Asadi were also present with Allama Nasir Abbas. He further said that the rejection of strike’s call by the people of Karachi is a pleasant step and it is necessary for Pakistan’s survival that every kind of terrorism and extremism should be eradicated from its economic hub Karachi. People have been waiting for action against the supporters if terrorists in Punjab, it is important that all parties should unify on national issues, we will play our role in municipal elections and will take part in elections by uniting with likeminded parties. The rulers are not sincere in transferring authority to a lower level. Nandi poor project should be investigated, those made false promises to people should be accountable, and the ruling party has failed to control load-shedding, un-employment and inflation. People should come forward to play their role in order to bring an end to hereditary politics otherwise these looters and plunderers will once again dominate over the nation.

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