Imam Raza (as)’s birth anniversary celebrated on Twitter

Birth Anniversary of Imam Raza (as) was celebrated on social networking website Twitter. According to reports, the night of birth anniversary of Rasool Allah (PBUH)’s son Hazrat Imam Raza (as) was celebrated by the users by initiating a trend of #ImamRaza with the congratulatory messages and quotes of Imam Raza (as). The trend took first position in Karachi. On the other hand, the way Momineen in Pakistan have become active on social media will led to their success in media and in soft war. It should be clear that soft war has become the practice of today’s world due to expanding international relations and globalization. During a soft war, an enemy tries to culturally invade the opponent country and tries to defeat it through cultural invasion and propaganda and social media has the importance of an atom bomb in this soft war.


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