Resentful action by Government, 40 innocent Shias arrested in last few days: Allama Ameen Shahidi

Government should stop treating terrorists and patriots equally, the crackdown in Punjab against innocent Shias, in order to make their own terrorist allies happy, is actually a scheme by the government to divert the attention from those terrorist outfits and banned organizations that had been favored by the government, in past. Ittehad e bain ul Muslimeen is the basic doctrine of Majlis e Wahdat e Muslimeen.

Some forces of Muslim League (N) wants to achieve their own objectives by creating a sectarian strife and we have to defeat this by our ideological harmony and religious tolerance. These thoughts were expressed by the Deputy Secretary General of MWM Pakistan Allama Ameen Shahidi and other major leaders while talking to a press conference at the central secretariat. Allama Ameen Shahidi said everyone knows that government was not willing to conduct an operation against the enemies of country but it had to, unwillingly, become a part of this operation. Pakistan Army is making every effort to exterminate terrorism from our country but government actions are against it.

He said that Punjab government is using 21st amendment and National Action Plan for its revengeful activities rather than for eradicating terrorism. Muslim League (N) is in power in Punjab and Gilgit Baltistan and in both of these areas MWM has been deliberately targeted and more than 40 of MWM’s members have been arrested including doctors, lawyers, teachers, bankers and Ulema. MWM leader said that Muslim League (N), that claims to be a follower of democratic values, has become a dictatorship. We are not going to be afraid by these tactics, we are peaceful and patriotic people. Allama Ameen Shahidi also demanded the government to immediately stop arresting innocent Shias and those who have been arrested should be released. Allama Asghar Askari, Allama Ejaz Hussain Behashti, Allama Shair Ali Ansari and Ali Hussain were also present at the press conferenc

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