Government accept ISO demands, protest rally culiminated peacefully after more than 4 hours sitin protest

shiite-10-300x200Negotiations between Government and leaders of Imamia Students Organization’s (ISO) concluded successfully on Tuesday night when Government’officials assured them to accept all the demands presented by the marchers of “Tahafuz-e-Azadari” Rally and assured to release the innocent shia youths arrested by the Law Enforcement Agencies under arson charges after Ashura day bomb blast. After a prolonged Sit-In of near about four hours near Chief Minister House leaders of ISO has been assured and convinced to end their protest as government decided to release detained persons and informed the leaders of ISO about the investigation of the five bomb blast incidents in the city, which claims more than 80 lives of the mourners and innocent citizens. It was also decided in negotiations to form a five member committee to resolve all other disputes, this committee will be comprised on 3 members from ISO and 2 from government side, According to the Shiite News Correspondent. Imamia Students Organization (ISO) took out an emotionally charged prolong protest rally demanded immediate release of shia youths, true investigations of bomb blasts incidents, and enhencement of compensation amount for the families of the martyrs of the bomb blast incidents in Muharram and Arbaeen, when the rally reached near at Chief Minister House the police were stopped them from moving forward. The police have blocked all the roads leading to Governor and Chief Minister Houses by placing containers. As a result the participants of the rally have decided to stage a sit-in in front of the PIDC House. ISO Central Senior Vice President Rehman Shah, Moulana Abbass Waziri, Maulana Sadiq Raza and others in their address to the participants of the rally said that we are protesting against the atrocities on the day of Ashura and chehlum. He said that we address those who always carried out cruelties and heinous activities on the followers of Imam Hussein (AS) and we called them as the forces of Yazidiat. He warned that these forces must remember one thing that you can not stop us from following the path of sacrifice and fighting against the cruels. They mentioned that those who follow the holy path can not be treated with those who hamper and hinder the path of righteous. The speakers of the rally urged upon the government to show sincerity with Pakistan by arresting those who were involved in this wicked game of shedding blood of innocent people of the country. He said these are not human being and belong to the tribe of evil. They further said that Consulate General of USA in karachi, Black Water-XE, MOSSAD, RAW and other secret agencies were involved in all these terror activities in the mourning processions and Arbaeen twin bomb blasts. The massive rally was also attended by a large number of women and kids started from Karachi Press Club to CM House. Rally participants chanted slogan against America, Israel and government and also raised the slogans of Labaik Ya Hussain (AS). Talking to the Shiite News Correspondent after the meeting with ISO leaders at Chief Minister House, Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly Shehla Raza said that the basic demand of ISO was to release arrested innocent Shiites persons, detained after Ashura mayhem therefore government has assured them that 17 out of 22 detainees would be released on bail tomorrow. She said that government has assured the ISO leaders to enhence the compensation amount from 5 lac rupees to 10 lac rupees for the martyrs families saying that we will take them onboard about the development regarding the investigation of the bomb blasts incidents in Muharram and Arbaeen Imam Hussain (AS).


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