S.U.C Seeks release of innocent youth


KARACHI: Shia Ulema Council (SUC) Karachi Chapterstaged the protest outside the Karachi press club on Tuesday agaimst the failure of law enforcement agencies to arrest the culprits involved in the Ashura mayhem. Protestors were demanding immediate release of innocent people arrested by police after

Ashura blast. The rally was attended by large number of people including women and children carrying banners and placards, inscribed with different slogans cursing the government on its failureto probe the tragedy and determines the real killers. The protestor demanded the government immediate release of innocent people arrested by Police. Several Shia cleric while speaking on the occasion said that government using different tactics to delay Ashura investigation of the Ashura mayhem for the reson best known to the Government. Thwey questioned that why the had not so far been set up a commission to convert transparent investigation into the incident adding that failure had been reflecting from the fact that not a singular terrorist arrested so far. They blamed innocent people been arrested and police were violating of citizens.They further said that it seemed that there was no law in the country. They pointed out that several innocent had been detained and torture by Police and government has failed to protect the live and property of the masses due to the lawlessness and terrorism prevailing in the country. The cleric said that if the government could not provide security than it should inform us we our selves would take measures for our safety.


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