Punjab Government illegally used State Machinery against Azadari, An eye-opening Report

Shiite News: A eye-opening report recently appears, which reads that how the Punjab Government used the State Machinery illegally against Shia Community during the Holy month of Muharram and Safar to prevent them from Azadari, with an organized plan.

According to said report

i. DC, DPOs, Intelligence Committee, CTD, officials of Special Branches, Police Officers, and Policemen of a certain mindset were used against Azadari. They were assigned the task of registering the fake cases, misbehaving with mourners, threatening, lodging extra-judicial FIRs, arrests, and detentions, baseless fourth schedulings, etc.

ii. Azadari was illegally included in the crime list for 2 months as it is cleared the text of FIRs.

iii. Action is being taken against women and children by chanting the slogan of “Labaik Ya Hussain” under ATA 1997.

iv. Registering number of cases against single courtyard mourning gatherings by violating trespass rules.

v. Police Stations were assigned a certain percentage of FIRs against Azadari among other crimes.

vi. In some Districts, Policemen tortured and insulted mourners.

vii. In some Districts, above than DPO rank officers lodged FIRs

This report is precisely sufficient to learn the hostility of the Punjab Government for Azadari-e-Hussain Alaih Salam.

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