Another target killer, hired by Deobandi ASWJ for Shia killings, arrested

Karachi’s West Zone Police arrested another wanted target killer who was hired by banned Deobandi takfiri terrorist outfit ASWJ/Sipah-e-Sahaba to continue genocide against Shia Muslims in Karachi.


Police said that a raid in the area of West Zone was conducted today (Thursday) and the cops detained the Deobandi takfiri terrorist involved in murdering 22 people.

While unveiling the Deobandi takfiri terrorist Ubaid-ur-Rehman before media, Deputy Inspector General West Zone (DIG) Naveed said that the criminal has confessed of killing 22 people including Shia doctors and police officers.

DIG West Zone said that the target killer started slaughtering people after getting bail from the jail. Moreover, the detained Deobandi terrorist revealed that he used to kill Shia Muslims on the orders by Subhan, another Deobandi takfiri ringleader who pays for Shia genocide.

Earlier, another Deobandi takfiri terrorist confessed that Usman of the outlawed ASWJ had paid him for Shia killings.


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